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Study Director, DMPK

Shanghai Novopathway Biotechnology is affiliated with Beijing Sun-Novo Pharmaceutical Research and it set up on August 24th, 2021. Our office is located in Zhang Jiang High Tech Park-Lin-Feng Technology Park. As an innovation-driven, quality-based, and customer-focused CRO company, Novopathway Biotechonology will commit to pre-clinical studies of antibody drugs’ R & D, small molecular R & D, cell and gene therapy, stem cell research or therapy, and clinical translational medical services for our global customers. Our platform will insist on global quality and efficient execution, which will accelerate the progress of drug development.

As a key member of in vivo services, the study director DMPK is responsible for managing the quality and performance of all DMPK activities, including interactions with CROs and internal project stakeholders, and leading drug discovery and development stage projects.



  • Play the role of scientific leadership, which includes designing studies, researching references, guiding projects, and talking about science.

  • Interact with clients to initiate and finalize outline protocols.

  • be responsible for the basic operation or experimental design and execution of the in vitro and in vivo PK studies.

  • Give detailed feedback on the problems in the experiment;participate in the basic management of the experimental platform, being responsible for the use and maintenance of instruments.

  • Collect and sort out experimental data and complete other laboratory-related tasks assigned by the project supervisor; also design,plan, and manage the execution of experiments and the project execution team according to the experimental requirements.

    • You should have the ability to independently design experiments and solve problems. work actively, with a rigorous attitude, a strong sense of responsibility, and good team spirit.



    • Ph.D. or M.S. majored in biology, medicine, or related fields. Hematology research background or experience in tumor immunology research or project execution is preferred.

    • A strong background in ADME or PK evaluations, as well as at least one year of work experience on the DMPK platform, is required.

    • Management and client communication skills are essential, as is an understanding of the industry and a strong ability to analyze and solve problems.

    • Accountability, realism, patience, meticulousness,practicality, good communication skills, and teamwork spirit. It also needs to design, plan, and manage the execution of experiments and the      project execution team according to the experimental requirements.

    • The ability to design experiments and solve problems on one's own; Knowledge of the drug discovery process and the role of biomarker analysis and related immunology

      • Excellent written and spoken English skills.

      • Excellent organizational and prioritization skills, as well as the ability to adapt to changing priorities.

      • Excellent interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to work as part of a team.