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In Vitro ADME/DMPK Analysis

Physiochemistry and Binding

  1. Lipophilicity

  2. Solubility

  3. Stability in plasma, buffers or biorelevant media

  4. Plasma protein binding

  5. Red blood cell adhesion

  6. Tissue binding

  7. Microsome/hepatocyte binding

Permeability and Transporters

  1. PAMPA (parallel artificial membrane permeability assay)

  2. Caco-2/MDCK permeability

  3. Efflux transporters

  4. Uptake transporters


  1. Metabolic stability

  2. Metabolite identification and profiling

  3. Metabolite synthesis

  4. Metabolite production and NMR identification

  5. Reactive metabolite screening

  6. Acyl-Glucuronide reactivity

Our ADME/PK and bioanalysis experts offer a custom-based service and experience. Sample preparation and bioanalysis are performed by an engineer using our LC-MS/MS platform.