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Novopathway's one-stop biomedical services platform offers support in a variety of areas, such as research and development, model translation and design, fundamental in vitro and in vivo research designs, pre-clinical/clinical trial, post-marketing counseling, etc. Our organization enables manufacturers and researchers to reduce their initial effort, time, and investment costs while raising the quality of their research and development.

                    PROTAC Drugs                                                                                                     Stem Cell Therapies

                     CAR T-Cell Therapies                                                                                             TCR T-Cell Therapies   

                      Nucleic Acid Drugs                                                                                               ADC Drugs     

                     Peptide Drugs                                                                                                   Tumor Vaccines    

                           CTC Detection                                                                                                 Oncolytic Virus Therapies   


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  • Stem Cell Therapy

    Stem Cell Therapy

    Cancer therapy: Targeting cancer stem cell pathways

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    Research Techniques

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