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Immune Cell Profiling

Three different types of white blood cells are identified and counted by this test. It can also be used for the purpose of determining the existence and proportions of T and B and natural killer cells in the control and prevention of immune disorders like cancer. To determine how well your immune system is functioning, this test examines three different types of lymphocytes:

  1. Antibodies produced by B lymphocytes (B cells) aid the body in the fight against infection.

  2. T lymphocytes (T cells) target virus-infected cells, cancerous cells, and foreign cells. T cells develop in the thymus gland after beginning to multiply in the bone marrow.

  3. Natural killer cells (NK cells) have components that can destroy cancerous or virus-infected cells.






AML Phenotyping Assay of Patient Blood in the Clinical Trial

B lineage acute lymphoblastic leukemia residual disease. CD19-positive B cells consist of a mixture of residual leukemic B cells having abnormal expression of CD10 (increased), CD34 (increased), CD38 (absent), CD58 (uniform and increased), and CD45 (decreased) relative to normal B cell precursors.

Flow Cytometric Identification and Characterization of Normal/Reactive Immune Cells in Tumor Cells


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