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Director of Inflammation Pharmacology Department


  1. Lead team members in related inflammatory pharmacology research topics such as RA, EAE, SLE, and other autoimmune-related diseases.

  2. Be involved in inflammatory or autoimmune diseases projects.

  3. Complete experimental design, program optimization, related method development, and pre-experiment work independently or collaboratively.

  4. Actively communicate the problems in the project; independently lead the team to solve the problems encountered in the project.

  5. Assist and lead the team to realize the experimental plan design, record the experimental result analysis and result feedback on time, and write the experimental report;

  6. Create department plans, budgets, and team performance objectives.

  7. Actively refer to or create relevant topics based on relevant literature, and carry out relevant research.

  8. Participate in laboratory quality, compliance development, and system development.

  9. Participate in the daily management of the laboratory to ensure that the laboratory complies with intellectual property protection, safety, hygiene, and other specifications.



  1. Master's degree or above in biology, pharmacology, biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, medicine, and other related majors.

  2. You must have more than 3 years of relevant experience in CRO or related immune-related research, preferably with team management experience.

  3. You should possess a forward-thinking, scientific, and systematic approach to scientific research.

  4. You must have a strong sense of responsibility and a strong sense of team spirit.

  5.  You should have strong English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills.